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Thread: Nokia 7600 Unlock

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    Nokia 7600 Unlock

    Hello there.

    Ive just got a 3 Nokia 7600 and have tried various unlock codes for it so i can use my O2 sim in it but i can not get it to work.

    It comes up with 'cant turn restriction off' or something along them lines...what am i doing wrong?

    any help welcomed..cheers ryan

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    better bring it too unlocker or use JAF box or other box..

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    I do not understand you. I am not into all this phone lingo.

    Have tried another 3 simcard in it today but still no simcard. It appears as though the signal is being blocked. Anyway to sort this out and unlock it online with a data lead and programmmes?

    Cheers again

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    I unlocked my nokia 7600 3G phone last week through a guy on ebay the cost was 1.99 pounds. It worked first time.

    Be careful using the code generators as the phone only gives 5 trys before it locks out, then its a trip to dodgy dave at the market for the 20quid GSM software fix.

    I cannot remember who it was but a search on ebay under unlock nokia 7600 should get it. (I cannot get onto ebay in work to get the link sorry).

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