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Thread: Nokiafree chat problem

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    Nokiafree chat problem

    Hi can anyone help me out? when i try entering chat it says im disconnected?

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    hi i have a nokia 3100b type RH-50
    imei# <removed> and i was wondering iff any one could help me decode this phone
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    Hi Mr. Beahcboy,

    1st of all, Ur phone is a dct4 type.

    For info U can goto the 'dct4 unlock' area and ask there.

    But before asking, do read the rules, stickies and other 'alike' questions too.

    There U will also see it is not allowed to post codes or imei's here at this forum.

    So basically, U are only allowed asking for help or assistence for doing it Urself.

    But for sure U will get a solution in the end.

    U can checkout anytime U like, but U can never leave!

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    Unhappy help me

    hi. my phone is nokia 6600, i have the handy photo safe software, i stored many "Bitmap" or "BMP" pictures in it. now i can't view it inside the handyphotosafe. my friend says you can only view the pictures if its a jpeg image. what do i do? i can't view the image inside now i can't return it back to images. pls help.

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    i really want 2 help you both with ur problems but i know nothing also.coz were both looking for solutions, but my problem is i want to use face warping in my n6630 but seems no hope for the version i have, so here we go. is there a new version of this app.? where cn i find it? its really a cool app. for i used it on my n6600 before and i enjoyed using it but not in my n7610(my phone 2mos. ago) and 6630... any solution?

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    hi, cann anyone tell me how t6o unlock my nokia 1100,, i there is nothing about nokia 1100...i dunto kno why ): plzzz !!!!! anyone?

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