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Thread: Dutch language firmware for nokia 6230

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    Dutch language firmware for nokia 6230


    Just got an English 6230, with no dutch language option. No real problem, I'd just like to be able to use T9 SMS, because I find it a lot quicker to use than havinng to type in each word using normal sms.
    So my question is; does anyone know of any way to upgrade my nokia 6230 so that I can use the Dutch language to sms (or text, as the English might say).
    Here the relevant info;

    V 04.28
    GSM P1.1

    I know that one in principle could go to a Nokia service point to have it upgraded, but that costs money.... Being really cheap, I like to avoid spending money when something can be done for free...


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    no free solution unless you know someone with a "professional" box

    to upload firmware into DCT4 nokias is always necessary such a device since cable and sw won't do the job... and the price goes over 300


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    Thanks a lot, will have to visit my nearest nokia-store then.

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