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Thread: Nokia 6230i Bluetooth query

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    Question Nokia 6230i Bluetooth query

    Hi everyone

    Ive recently purchased 6230i phone whic was locked to T-Mobile in the UK. Ive managed to unlock it & its working fine,, my only trouble is the bluetooth... Ived sucessfully paired with other phones & received files from others too BUT how can i send files to other paired phones??? I cant see the option at all... help please.

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    ...u just scored by posting in the right section of this forum...

    ...this is very effective if u want to have answers ... ur question: a friend of me has the 6230 and if he wants to send files, he does the following things: 1st turn on Bluetooth, 2nd go to picture or music file(there are not much other files u can use with this phone ) and choose send via Bluethooh...

    ...that´s it and I don´t think that the branding has to do something with this...

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