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Thread: Nokia 9500 Security Code (not unlock code) Problem

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    Question Nokia 9500 Security Code (not unlock code) Problem


    I have read through almost all the posts on Security Codes for DCT 4 Phones here on the board. Couldn't find a solution. Hence the post.

    I purchased a Nokia 9500 in Europe and am using it in US for couple of months now. When I first got it, I tried to change the security Code to something else but it did not accept the default value 12345. Nor did it accept 00000. The Security code function Auto Lock or Lock on Startup is disabled. So I can use the phone Fine. (Its unlocked as I purchased it without Plan in Europe)

    I saw that other threads reccomended Gnockii for this. However Gnockii documentation told me that I need to have Gnaplet installed on the Phone. Which is not compatible with 9500. Logo Manager Demo version as posted on other threads does not read this code.

    I have tried the Data cable, Bluetooth & IRDA but FBUS by Maestro didn't work. I tried couple of other master code generators. But they were mostly about unlocking which I don't need.

    So my question is

    1. Which software should I use to reset or read the Security Code ?
    2. If I need to buy FBUS/MBUS Cable the which one should I buy ? Nokia says fbus protocol is unsupported.
    3. Ucables the reliable source of cables is in UK and I am in US. So is there anyone in US who selles such cables ?
    4. If I wanted to flash my phone myself, (I have current latest version) what hardware I need to buy and which Software ? I can't find WinTesla to download...

    Sorry ofr the lengthy post. I hope someone can hlp me out...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NokDoc
    Sweet! Thanks a Bunch!

    Now Would you mind answering my other question as far as flashing is concerned ?


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    I dono about dct4 flashing.

    U need a box, they say.

    U can checkout anytime U like, but U can never leave!

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    Thumbs up Security Code Unlocking

    Just go to the site NocDoc has listed and all your worries will be over. After going around with singular for over 4 mos on this code problem I finally am able to get into my old phone and retrieve my data. My phone is a 6010

    Thank You

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    Security Reset

    Don't worry You can reset the Phone using the correct master reset code,You can get the free master reset code for the Nokia 9500 Phone at Unlocking4free and reset the Phone from the security lock!!! Then you said you have already Unlocked the Phone,So you can go to nearest store and give the Phone or download some software through Online and flash the Phone...

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