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Thread: have i killed my new phone

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    have i killed my new phone

    a few weeks ago i got a second hand e800 phone which i put down in some beer on new years eve
    the next day when i turned it on it would go to a blank white screen so i kept turning it on and off
    after doing that for a few hours it started to look like it was gonna work but then it all went black and nothing works at all now even when i plug it on to charge nothing happens
    is it worth taking phones to the repair shop or is it a waste of time tryin to fix
    iv only had the phone a few weeks but i got used to it and my old phone sucks so missing this all ready
    last week i got a data cable (sam e700)for it and used easystudio pimm ? i didnt do anything coz i didnt have a clue even after spending a few hours on here ?
    now when i connect it does nothing
    have i killed it good n proper

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    sounds like your phone is dead... hope you had a good new year btw!! you should take it to a repair shop and they will clean it up and hopefully it might start working again... you will be lucky though!!! liquid damage is very unforgiving...

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    yep dead i liked it so much just got another second hand 1 off flea bay for a good price
    hope fully ill be able to unlock this 1 myself with a few more hours reading on this forum

    thanks for helpin

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    arghh its alive
    i put the battery in today and it turned on
    bright white screen and it makes sounds when i slide the top open or closed
    but thats about it
    im sure i read somewhere about washing it in petrol
    any one else heard of this
    is it worth a go ?

    i tried unlocking my new new phone but i ended up messing it up coz i dont have a clue
    took it to a shop and got it unlocked again

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    beer... oh dear

    Hi there.
    My advice to you would be to stop trying to power the phone up. Leave the battery out of the phone untill you have managed to clean the pcb. I think beer can be as damaging as fizzy drinks such as cola or lemonade which can eat away at the copper inside the layers of the pcb! If you keep powering the phone up you risk killing the phone completely (although i dont know if there is much hope for it anyway).

    Your first step would be to have a look on the forums to get an idea of what substance to use to clean the board. alcohol or isopropol ( or sumthing like that) seems to be the most popular and has given the best results. You would aslo need a T6 screwdriver and some idea of how the phone goes together. The biggest problem would be separating the phone between the slide area because if you are too heavy handed you risk damaging the screen ribbon.

    If you dont fancy repairing the phone yourself take it to a repair shop and get a quote of how much it will be to repair, if it can be repaired. Im sure there are plenty of people on here who would be willing to have a go at cleaning it for you (including me).

    Hope this is of some help. Chris.

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    whoo hoo its only bloody working 8O
    brute force and ignorance works haha
    all i kept doing was turning it on and off and on and off the charger for a few hours then all of a sudden i could see all the icons and screens and the phone seems to be fully working again
    would u adam and eve it

    as u could probably tell i have hours of electrical experiance behind me and my ego is sawing im now looking for any broken things that i can randomly turn on and off I have the power

    thanks for all your help
    if u ever need anything turning on and off im ya man

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