Heres a headbasher for y'all to help me solve (if anyone can help it would be v.much appreciated).
My mate has just got a GX10 (voda branded) its unlocked but no matter what sim you put in it, it wont send txt messages?
Ive checked all the settings.......message centre number........on o2 and even on voda.
Ive tried it on my platinum clip (had to cos he didnt know the handset code to do a master reset)..........but still it wont send txt messages?
He's even phoned o2 for the settings to set the phone up for their txt messaging service but still it wont have it?
The phone aint blocked because you can still make voice calls on any network.
Any suggestions lads? (other than a full software flash) or do u think flashing is the only option?
Is it possible there could be a hardware fault maybe?
Or perhapse its in need of a good hard toe punt with my size 12 boots?
Maybe "smarties" will have the answer?

Any suggestions, ideas, witty remarks or extremely funny replies will be most welcome and appreciated.