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Thread: For ALL Newbies :P

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    For ALL Newbies :P

    Comments please!!

    This should be used instead of the Rules Thread!!!

    Searching is the act of trying to find something or someone...

    One may search for something that is known to exist, with the intent to locate it...

    If You Post IMEI's or Code Request then READ THIS!!

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    LOL thats a good one . There should be a link to it on the forum rules.

    I recognize the first screen from a game a few years ago... ahh fallout.

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    I just saw it... really good indeed


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    LMAO thats some funny shit

    im a newbie bu i know how to use a forum lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by electrophoretic
    Comments please!!

    This should be used instead of the Rules Thread!!!


    really a big help to all newbies starting browsing & postings into forum....


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