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Thread: plz help me understand about motorolas...

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    plz help me understand about motorolas...

    hi, i have done some reading before posting here. i am all new to this unlocking i took my time to read all over the most of my answers...but i still have a few questions left that i was hoping to have somoene with a kind heart that could explain to me/or confirm a few things...please? i thank you in advance for your time...

    i found out/understand that gsm nokia phones for instance can be remotely unlcoked...and others need a cable and a software to get this done...i also understand that there are "clips" out there that you can buy to unlock different kinds of phones because they have different kinds of cables attached to the box...but here is my question...

    1. i am totally lost...i don't understand these deal with the motorola phones...i have been researching for the past 3 weeks...i have the new motorola razr v3 from cingular...i also bought the usb cable...i was under the impression that you just need a motorola unlocker software just like the nokia ones to unlock your phone...but i can't find this motorola unlocker anywhere...i don't even know its name...if exists or not...

    so how come these remotely unlocking services that you find on the net are able to unlock your phone remotely? what software are they using if they are not using a clip?

    thank you once again...

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    Originally posted by Mr Subway999...

    "There is two ways you can unlock the phone

    1. Either approach the network or a third party to request the code this is commonly known as remote unlocking

    2. If you have the usb cable >mini usb cable that is sometimes supplied with the phone and you have a pc you could try remote unlocking via cable

    You can search with an search engine keywords, remote unlock motorola ,to be directed to relevant third parties

    The cost should be no more than 25,$45 or 40euros"

    please search before posting, i know you said you did but it took me 3 seconds to find this post just under yours... hope this helps anyway

    Searching is the act of trying to find something or someone...

    One may search for something that is known to exist, with the intent to locate it...

    If You Post IMEI's or Code Request then READ THIS!!

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    40 euros is a little much.. 20 euros will do also


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