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Thread: no log-in in download section possible

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    Unhappy no log-in in download section possible


    I can't assess the downloads in the download setion, although I'm a member. Download page shows me as a visitor, despite I'm logged-in.

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    if you had read the rest of the posts about this problem, or even bothered to search then you would see that a lot of people have had this problem and there is no resolution for it yet...

    Searching is the act of trying to find something or someone...

    One may search for something that is known to exist, with the intent to locate it...

    If You Post IMEI's or Code Request then READ THIS!!

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    TRY this

    I had the same problem too with FIREFOX. I changed to int.explorer and I solved my problen which in my case it probably had to do with cookies or other restrictions (firewall) I suppose.

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