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Thread: Help unlocking motorola a1000

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    Help unlocking motorola a1000

    Hey guys,

    i have a motorola a1000 and i have since upgraded my phone to a nokia n70 but then i need to unlock this motorola phone so that i can use it with tmobile to browse the net as it is very convenient using the motorola to browse. can anyone suggest to me on how to unlock it? I tried calling 3 but they are charging me 30 pounds to unlock it.please can you guy help me out on this?

    Itz locked to 3 network and it has the latest version on it.


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    motorola v180

    I have a motorola v180 running with R364. I've done all the steps to unlock it and it all seemed to work, but when i put in my nextel sim it wont make a call. Can anyone help me?


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    Angry Dont fall into the trap

    I paid 30pounds to 3 for getting my motorola a1000 unlocked as i finished off with the contract. The guy at customer services quoted me the price when i called up and it seems that nothing has been done even after a week.I will try to get my money back...not at all happy with their b***** customer service. Never call them for a solution, seems they only add up to your problems. Have to try and get it flashed with an older firware coz the guy i took it to said nobody has the software for the latest one....grrrrrr.

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    A1000 is supported by

    but new versions do give some probs at moment.. Solution is already in beta test in couple days fully working for all new version A1000 (also E1000)


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    Reach here this site provides unlock code and instructions...By using this you can unlock easily....

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