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Thread: Update Nokia 3205b to 3205i

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    How to update Nokia 3205b to 3205i?

    Well, that's it, i bought a Nokia 3205n (cdma of course) and after i bought it i realized that the ir is block so i been browsing the web for a week and i've found some usefull info but i havn't been able to find the name of the .prl file to upgrade the software, does any body at least know the name of the .prl file that i need to upgrade from a 3205n to a 3205i (the current version of my sw version is V H100V1900.nep RM-11) (maibe i'm wrong and i don't need a file with a .prl extention, in that case could somebody tell me what file do i need?)
    PD: I been unlocking stuff with Diego Nokia (excellent software) but i'm not sure if it's gona work for upgrading, could somebody please post a link to some tutorial on how to do this
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    Can you flash with just fbus cable?

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