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Thread: Water Damaged Cell Phone

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    Water Damaged Cell Phone

    ****NEED HELP***
    i have dropped my Motorola E-815 in a lake while ice fishing, battery attached. i have a friend who is a diver, going down to get it tomorrow. it will have been submerged for more than 24 hrs by the time i get it back. i have read the "repairing a water damaged phone" file posted by Chunkhead. Am i being realistic in thinking there is a chance i will be able to get any data (phonebook) off this phone?
    i am a banker and all of my business numbers are on it.
    thank you for any input!! (and please dont tell me i shoudve backed it up...i have heard that about 100 times today)

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    Honestly, U have a chanse to power up phone again using Mr.Chunkheads guide..I have fixed alot of phones using it...just follow his advices and keep fingers crossed..
    Good luck!
    Im the wind forever free...

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