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Thread: sony ericsson j300i. how input unlock

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    sony ericsson j300i. how input unlock

    I have had help to flash the ericssonj300i.
    Now I have a unlock code, but i am being asked for a ECK number which inputs ********* as the code. I have the code as #pw+6173241706+1#.

    How can I get that into it? Is ther another code or what?
    PLease help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    #pw+6173241706+1# is a nokia code man!

    No SonyEricsson code..
    do you have Dss-20 or some original cable?



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    OHHHHHHHH !!!!! Now I know

    Quote Originally Posted by Salami1_1
    #pw+6173241706+1# is a nokia code man!

    No SonyEricsson code..
    do you have Dss-20 or some original cable?



    Thanks for that, I have been getting frustrated beyond belief!!!!
    No they didnt give me a cable.
    I will post it back on ebay, Iv'e had enough of this phone.
    The guy couldive had it unlocked in one phone call, but being a jerk, he didnt.
    HA HA I got my own back in leaving him negative feedback!!!!

    Thanks to all who have tried to help me and my son with his motorolla, I have just figured out that the cable he has is faulty. We havent had a good time of it!

    Will see you guys when I recieve my 3105's whick are locked to Orange, so if anyone can help me there, let me know!!!!
    Thanks again

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