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Thread: how do i unlock 5210e

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    Unhappy how do i unlock 5210e

    Hi there, iv'e just sent my phone to be repaired (w800i) and thought that in the mean time i would use my nokia 5210e phoine. howeve i tried to insert my o2 network sim into my orange network phone (nokia 5210e) and it won't work. i presume it needs unlocking. I'm not very familiar with all this. Can it be done over the internet without paying or do i need to take it to a shop.
    Many thanks

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    5210 unlock

    i've used the unlock code calculator and came up with the message 'sim restriction off' however when i inserted the other the o2 sim the message said ' sim not recognised'
    Any suggestions.
    Whats GID1?
    Do i need this?
    if so how do i get it?
    many thanks

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    never mind i've done it now thanks. I used the calculator to give me the correct code

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