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Thread: blacksphere by wumpus is lost?

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    Red face blacksphere by wumpus is lost? is no longer accessible,

    does anyone here hav a complete copy of the site?

    it was an outstanding reverse eng work on dct3,

    esp on the dsp side, at least from the remainder

    of the google cache that i found.

    mr wumpus, u still around? i m willing to host the files if allowed =>

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    Hi check this link:Blacksphere project

    I'm also sad that a great site become down

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    Feb 2006
    i hav been there b4 too, downloading now.. 10x alot !! =)
    do u still working on the dct3 hardware info? i will keep
    u informed bout wat i found if u r interested

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    thank you for still keeping this backup

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    thank you for keeping a backup
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