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Thread: Can someone help unlock nokia 2600 please

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    Can someone help unlock nokia 2600 please

    Can someone help unlock nokia 2600 please

    Its on Vodafone UK network
    The codes generated on unlock codes calculator v3.10 ending with +7# and +1# didnt work


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    And which GEN did you used?

    Go to Options, set it to Expert Mode, select "DCT4 Expert" from the list of phones, then enter all settings and use GEN Original (32779). Try seventh code from the set.

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    Hi,there are many ways of unlocking like hardware/software unlocking,cable unlocking,remote unlocking and unlocking via codes..the best and safe way of unlocking is by unlock codes and also i suggest you not to go for free unlocking since the codes generated for free may go wrong sometimes..once i got codes from theunlockarena and unlocked my can too contact them to get codes to unlock your mobile..

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