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Thread: Nokia 6103 - Unlock Help & 1 Question

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    Question Nokia 6103 - Unlock Help & 1 Question

    Mobile: Nokia 6103
    Country: Portugal
    Network: Optimus (93)
    IMEI: <removed>

    If anyone can put the code to unlock, I thanks a lot.

    I have a question:
    When I unlock a mobile, I lost the guarantee of Mobile? (I put this question because I bought the mobile today and I have 2years of guarantee).

    Thanks again !
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    Use The Settings:
    ASIC 2
    & box Serial
    Original (32779)

    Use the NFree Calc (online or offline).

    Use +7 Code

    Depends on your Service Provider. Look at the Warrenty Terms and Conditions (read the fine print at the bottom).

    I'm not exacly sure what you should look for. If it says anything about firmware alterations; then maybe it may jeperdise the warrenty.

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    Hi,there are many ways of unlocking like hardware/software unlocking,cable unlocking,remote unlocking and unlocking via codes..the best and safe way of unlocking is by unlock codes and also i suggest you not to go for free unlocking since the codes generated for free may go wrong sometimes..once i got codes from theunlockarena and unlocked my can too contact them to get codes to unlock your mobile..
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