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Thread: WANTED, Advice on Samsung D600 Screen

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    WANTED, Advice on Samsung D600 Screen

    Hi to all.
    Please excuse me if this post is not in the revelent place, i did look through forums 1st, but couldnt decide on where to post.
    So i ended up posting it here.
    Back to post.....

    My brother has offered me his Samsung D600 (which is good news)
    The downside is that he had a row on the phone with his G/F and threw the phone across the room
    The phone still works, but the screen is totaly shot (kracked broken)
    I need advice on how to remove the original screen and where to start looking with regards to purchasing a 2nd hand replacement screen.
    If any1 can help then i'd realy appreciate it.
    Thx in advance..

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    i have had loads of ebay and with some i even got the tool to remove the screws.

    anything else pm me

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    Thx for the reply Gunton.
    Used Ebay and found a company that will repair for me for a reasonable cost
    Thx again m8ty..

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    D600 Screen

    I have a samsung d600. Only 1 1/2 weeks after getting it teh screen got damaged. Now I need a replacement screen. Where can I get a screen to purchase?

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