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Thread: Motorola L6 on O2

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    Motorola L6 on O2

    Hello There
    Hope you are well. Anyone Could help and direct me to how to unlock my motorola L6. I have a usb data cable but I look for any software to unlock my mobile. could you help please. Thanking you for your cooperation. beat wishes

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    Let me begin by telling you the strangest story.
    Yesterday, i was informed that DrMotos site was updated.
    So i got out of the bin the L6 (on 3G) that had laid there for the past Month because no unlocking device was available online.
    I connected up my usb cable and logged onto ser rem, i downloaded the drivers and installed them. then i ran the reader etc. online.
    The prog informed me of all the usual codes and then told me that unlock is not available at present but a TP will be shortly.
    I disconnected the cable and the keypad was suddenly unlocked!
    I inserted a sim from a different provider (Voda) and it was accepted!
    Then a sim from o2, perfect.
    Then one from Meteor, the phone was unlocked somehow just by running the test!
    Awaiting tomorrows post for another L6 to arrive.(This tim on o2)
    Wonder how this is possible, i know there must be some explaination and before anyone says it,NO there was no Guinness involved!


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