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Thread: A general section on phones and standards

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    A general section on phones and standards

    What about to create a section in which to talk about the standards of GSM, UMTS, GPRS, SMS and also irda and bluetooth, in short a general section about phones?
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    Question grps questions

    hi, man i need some help- i want to know how work GRPS encryption algoritm v1 and v2. this algoritm release hardware or as application on the smartphone

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    柜员操作器可实时液晶显示等候人数和当前受理号码;当等候人数由“0”变“1”时,立即蜂鸣提示;提供呼叫、重呼、暂停、转移等功能; ■排队机缺纸有语音和显示提示;系统具有掉电保护功能; ■ 排队机可设置下班后自动定时间闭系统; ■ 排队机可链接客户评价系统,排队信息和客户满意度评价信息可合并报表实时统计; ■排队机自动按年、月、日生成各种统计图表,接待人数、人均服务时间、人均等待时间、工作空闲时间等数据实时联网查询并打印; ■ 排队机触摸屏液晶界面可设多级菜单; ■ 排队机自带功放及播音系统,可循环播放背景音乐; ■排队机可多台发号机联机; ■ 排队机系统有自检功能。

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