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Thread: Failed Rob Tucker touts Internet Domination

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    Failed Rob Tucker touts Internet Domination

    Fired Real Estate Manager Rob Tucker is now trying to teach others how to dominate their market. Apparently Rob ( believes the adage of those who can't do, teach. His marketing material claims the following: Internet DOMINATION! Workshop for Real Estate Professionals Internet DOMINATION! is a complete course for dominating your market andgenerating immediate business and long term success from the internet.

    Funny, Rob Tucker was fired for not dominating in his own job!

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    Rookie Success ( Rob Tucker scam

    Rob Tucker who was fired from his last Real Estate job is now trying to hawk classes on how to market yourself online. Rob Tucker is preying on new brokers who are desperate to make it big in real estate. Just looking at his unprofessional website is all you have to do to realize he has no internet marketing skills.

    The testimonials listed on the website are a bunch of people who are saying they liked Rob's course. Lacking are any real verifiable success stories. Rob Tucker is just the latest example of if you can't do teach.

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    Scam Rookie Success ( ) by Rob Tucker

    Has anyone had any success after attending Rob Tucker's Rookie Success Seminars?

    Rob Tucker was fired from his latest Real Estate job and is now trying to sell an internet marketing program. Looking at his website ( I would think he needs to be taking an internet workshop, not teaching one.

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