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Thread: Need help unlocking Samsung SGH-C417

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    Need help unlocking Samsung SGH-C417

    I just bought a new Samsung SGH-C417 phone and its locked . The phone is a cingular U.S and i have T mobile U.S service.
    IMEI: 352711014958462
    Pl need help unlockin this phone . Email me at [email protected]

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    Samsung C417 unlock
    First with different carrier SIM in phone at WRONG CARD screen ENTER on the keypad
    *2767*3855# (wait 10-15 seconds) phone will reboot(restart)
    When phone completes reboot ENTER
    AND THEN *#7465625# to check the locks....all locks are inactive...these are all the locks...
    network lock - inactive
    subset lock - inactive
    sp lock - inactive
    cp lock - inactive
    sim lock - inactive
    activa lock - inactive
    phone lock - inactive
    auto network - inactive
    auto subset lock - inactive
    auto sp lock - inactive
    auto cp lock - inactive

    good luck

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    samsung zm60

    hi, can you help me unlock zm 60, thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by xbodd View Post
    hi, can you help me unlock zm 60, thanks
    use this program use the usb cable that comes with phone plug phone in to pc and let it install drivers then select correct port and run program once its done put simcard in and when it asks for code enter the code and its unlocked

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    hi, cant get programme to run, cant get drivers installed, can you help

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    use sus,
    down from

    must have at least microsoft .net v2.0 or above framework installed 1st.
    down from winupdate if u havn,t

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