i have nokia 6680 and have got dku-5 and downloaded dejan's bb5 unlocker from this site and joined it , installed cable drivers usb to serial and have changed "c:\bb5_unlocker\logs\bb5_unlocker.cfg" with any text editor change your COM port setings! from com1 to com9 which is free ! but all i get when i start dejan's bb5 unlocker is
error message
open file =>c:/bb5_unlocker/logs/bb5_unlocker.cfg

which just happens to be the same error before i changed the com port ? i have followed the guide that come with the unlocker but no nothing nada zip why ? yes hundreds or thousands of people may have unlocked their phones via this tool but as i have noticed many people cant it just leaves me thinkng why did i buy this cable ?