Hello all!
I've got a probleme on 2 Phone : 3310 and a 3330 converted on 3310

No problem to flash (using KnoxPhoenix) (Modded firmware working on others phone !)
Now, i start Nokiaflasher by Rolix
Read, no problem :

MCU SW.......: V 04.45.21-06-01.NHM-5.(c) NMP.
DSP Internal : 6
Serial number: 350605204xxxxxx
Org Ser Nr .: 350605204xxxxxx
User Code ...: 12345
Mobile MSID..: 83159D1C3349EB0CCA2F1F13A8

But impossible to change the imei or unlock the phone !

350605204xxxxxx imei write error

And i tried to unlock it with code generator with imei, the phone restart,no message, and no unlocked :s

BUT when i flash them with some other firmware modded, no problem ...
Help please

My firmware content MCU+PPM+EEPROM ...

Have a nice day !
Bye !