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Thread: [PPModd] public test

  1. [PPModd] public test

    PPModd is a project designed for editing DCT4 / TIKU PPM files

    its main goal is to edit those PPM files with a simple GUI and no need for
    knowledge of the file structure or need to handle other tools.
    its a out-of-the-box PPM editor.

    initially i intended to distribute it in a commercial way, but now im not sure
    if thats the right decision. however, i really appreciate any donation
    via paypal, bank transfer or even some hardware!

    that PM stuff really was an assload full of work since its sometimes really
    tricky. and we're not talking about some nights - its more about some
    hundred hours...

    well, ok. but the result really is a good thing thanks to TriX' plugin system
    and fully based on XML ([email protected] for your help!). with XML its really flexible
    regarding extensions like automated translators or such.

    the future of the project is not clear yet. it mainly depends on the response
    this test will show up.
    if noone cares about PPModd, it will die.

    what do i have to do now?

    1. download
    1a. extract to plugin dir. optional update due to 2610 PPM
    2. ask me for a login, since the whole thing is serverbased (only via PM here in GSM-forum)
    3. insert that login data into the "trix.ini"

    1. start PPModd.exe
    2. place a DCT4 / TIKU PPM file via Drag'n'Drop into the program window - or use file->open
    3a. click the TEXT chunk and click the button "Edit content" on the right side
    3b. copy chunks via "Copy" into the clipboard (XML data) edit them and paste them via "Paste" again
    3c. delete/move chunks
    3d. etc etc
    4. click "Build PPM" to transfer the XML stuff to the server and wait for the file to get ready
    5. save the created PPM
    6. flash it?

    Known Issues:
    - 2610 and mybe others (DCT4Plus) PPM just readable when setting 'plugins.PPModify.ppm_header_ver' to '1' in option dialog
    - 2610 and mybe others (DCT4Plus) PPM not buildable yet. build would succeed, but phone may not be able to read that PPM (to be tested)

    - each account has to wait some minutes for the file to be created
    - there is no guarantee how many files you will be able to create
    - i preserve the right to delete accounts which look suspicious
    - i preserve the right to cancel the test whenever i wish
    - not everyone will get an account. only those who understand to articulate or those who i know...

    however, people who sponsored some money or hardware or anything
    other useful, wont get deleted so fast.
    maybe they dont even have to wait for flashfiles...

    PayPal: [email protected]

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    very good project
    hope more success g3ggo

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    very good software
    but i want to know how to edit font
    try to replace font in ppm file using this software
    give me unkown font for all languages
    without replacing font if u write in other language
    or editing text using other language give me small boxes
    how to solve this problem

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    Aug 2002
    more explain pls this tool what make ?

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