Pretty cool picture, wouldn't you agree? This is one of the latest Walkman from Sony, NW- A919. But if you don't live in Japan, then there's no point in using this device. It only has a 1Seg tuner, not DMB, DVB-H, or Flo. The Sony player holds up to 16GB of flash memory and a 2.4-inch, 320 x 240 pixel display.
The device measures approximately 86.8 48 12.3-mm and still supports ATRAC in addition to non-DRMed WMA and AAC, MP3, and linear PCM audio playback with SonicStage doing the sync work back to your PC. Rounding things out are an FM tuner, direct encoding from your CD/MD player, clear audio noise canceling headphones, and a battery capable of juicing up to 6 hours of television or 36 hours of audio.

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