I bought one of these a while ago as a spare phone and somehow the guy wanted to keep his simcard. Ok, I put in another comviqsimcard - locked to comviq - and what happens, it won't accept it and after a while I understood that there is you can check a little square on the phone just to use the simcard that came with the phone, kind of securitything. But before I understood that I tried with my old comviq-card and successfully managed to lock the phone totally so now it wants me to enter the "securitycode" which I of course don't have. I can't get a hold of the guy I bought it from. Siemens sais it costs too much, and comviq can of course not do anything to help me since it's the phone , not the card that needs work.

What I'm wondering is if this cable would help me: http://www.gsm-support.net/data-cabl...--p171.en.html

Or will it just give me useless info? Can someone please confirm that I will get the securitycode by buying and using this cable in the proper way.

Alternatively some with the right equipment living near Norrköping, Sweden that can help me.

Thanks for any reply.