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Thread: NokiX calendar bug (dates 2050-01-01 and later)

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    Exclamation NokiX calendar bug (dates 2050-01-01 and later)

    NokiX calendar 2.3 (current official version) fails to display today (blinking date) correctly if the phone date is 2050-01-01 or later.

    My fixed version (also some optimizations for code size, naturally) can be downloaded from:

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    Hi mate!

    It's nice to hear You still keep NoikiX mods alive

    Fortunately, U're not alone - on sourceforge is NokiX repository

    many of macros are 2100/3410 compatible, some of scripts had some bug fixed, calendar also (small incompatibility with 3330/3350)

    maybe You want to join us? it'll be pleasure work with such great programmer


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    Thumbs up Let my force be with you

    Thank you for your invitation. I already have downloaded some of your updates from SVN but I haven't done true switching the up-to-date scripts. It is great that there are people that keep the NokiX live, at least the vital functions...

    I would be very interesting to work in group maintaining and expanding the NokiX suite, however, I do not have time for so active participation as I want.

    I am trying to finish my current updates under work and then go back to "sleep mode". Probably next time when I wake up on the NokiX scene, I will switch to true SVN working copy, and may be then I can join you to commit my changes directly to the repository.

    My current updates not finished:
    • RPN calculator 1.40
    • Making Bomberman to work on 6110 without out-of-heap hangs
    I know that merging (my) external changes into SVN repository is a job if there are changes on the same files also in the respository... Have fun...

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