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Thread: Nokia 6086 unlocking

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    Nokia 6086 unlocking

    please can some1 help me unlock nokia 6086!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gohanssj2 View Post
    please can some1 help me unlock nokia 6086!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSM-TOOLS View Post
    The Netherlands - Orange

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    Unlocking 6086 with Dejan prog

    Has anyone managed to do this with a 6086? I get are as far as it telling me to 'wait' but it never returns anything - using DKU2 cable.

    On Orange in UK with pay monthly contract.


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    Did you ever get yours unlocked?

    I'm have the same issue with a USA Cincinatti Bell Nokia 6086. Can anybody help?

    Quote Originally Posted by gohanssj2 View Post
    please can some1 help me unlock nokia 6086!!!

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    You can unlock your mobile using unlock can get the unlock code here Mobile Unlocker- Unlock Your Phone It provides unlock code and instructions...By using this you can unlock your mobile easily...

  8. 1. The Thread is 2 years old
    2. 6086 is BB5 Mobilphone
    3. The link youve posted
    Unlocking Services Supported by Your Phone :

    We currently do not have any unlocking services that are supported by your mobile phone.
    Please try any of our sponsored services.

    That i get when i will unlocked a 6086

    BB5 Mobilphones, you can not unlocked with an Calculator...

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    Well buddy,
    you can unlock your 6086 phone for cheap price here "" .. You will also be able to get the unlock instructions for it in that site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gohanssj2 View Post
    please can some1 help me unlock nokia 6086!!!
    hey bro
    this phone u need to buy a unlock code,,,
    check the ''Main Sales Area''

    i will get some dealers for unlocking codes


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    another alternative if u can't get the codes is to buy an x-sim card, basically its a little chip that goes between the sim card and the reader in your phone, removes the network protection, that will set you back about $10.

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