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Thread: 3310 FBUS Power On

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    3310 FBUS Power On

    Please somebody tell me how to power on a 3310 by FBUS. i gone through the gnokii i cant find 1 to power on.

    i can now get sms form 3310 to pc

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    did you read this thread?
    should help

    nokia service manual tells that powering up is possible by:
    • Connecting a charger to the phone. The CCONT recognizes the charger from the VCHAR voltage and starts the power up procedure.
    • Pressing the power key, that generates PWRONX signal from the power key to the CCONT, this starts the power up procedure.
    • A RTC interrupt. If the real time clock is set to alarm and the pghone is switched off, the RTC generates an interrupt signal, when the alarm is gone off. The RTC interrupt signal is connected to the PURX line to give a power on signal to the CCONT just like the power key.
    • IBI-pulse. When a short (10ms) voltage pulse is applied to the BTEMP pin, the CONT wakes up and starts the power on procedure. This is used by the HDa12 Service tools.

    so you should focus on 4th case...

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    Hello Everybody,

    I succeeded with powering my Nokia 1110i Phone through fbus. You just need the Power connector connected. In this case the MCU seems up and listening on the fbus. After this I used a slightly modified version of gammu which allows to send some special mode frames. I discovered them during playing with the display test command from gammu.

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