Agreed, we as mobile application developers in India quite well placed as mobile market is booming like anything and now the average customer is moving up the value chain i.e. he wants more out of his mobile now. The result being the exploding demand for value added services meaning more demand for us.

While we are well placed and the future seems bright, isn’t it time for us to help the poor leverage the mobile (now almost everybody has a mobile or access to it) to their benefits by developing mobile applications which can somehow make their life better.

May be by creating a mobile application which helps the rural populace to check the cleanliness of the water through their mobile.

Or may be by creating an application through which a mobile phone will alert a farmer of the best time to bring his products to the market.

Or may be by creating a mobile application which will help blind people understand the content of a document by converting it into audible text.

What say guys?

And the efforts won’t go unrewarded!

If you submit your application to the Nokia “Calling All Innovators” Competition, and if it wins in any of the category, you will have Nokia as the distributor of your application through its mighty platform.

If this is not enough, there is a hefty cash award ($35k) and a trip Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain where you can showcase your application.

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