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Thread: 6230i unlock

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    6230i unlock

    I have a 6230i locked on Vodaphone UK. I tried using unlock codes generated by Cybergsm DCT4, but none worked. I'm not sure how many I tried (some more than once), but at least 3. But I didn't have a SIM in. Do I generate one again using the same software, but with a SIM in? If I lock it completely do I have to take it to someone to unlock it? I have the USB connector cable - which I guess is what they use - is there a programme I can use with that?

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    put a non working sim inside,,,(not a vodafone),when mob ask restriction code,use code7,,,inset all the code inc the "pw*#" stuff,,
    if mobe say cannot undo restriction,you got right code,,,but used your 3/5 tries up,,,,
    if mob say code error,,,,you got wrong code..
    if work mob should say restrictions off,,,and unlocked.

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