hey i send money to them and get no respons back from them only what the people said to me is this :

We give order today to FedEx office. Tracking number is: xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

But they worked in business time and I dont know when order outside from FedEx ffice in Ukraine. (in Ukraine holidays: 7-9 March).

So, be patient and do not worry. It now depends, unfortunately, not on us.
Thanks for understanding.

With Best Regards,

when i asked some things they don,t say any thing any one knows about this company and if they are on nest or other wise i must do some other things because i paid them 310 dollars for a

CDMA KIT PRO: Universal Box with cables + Full CDMA software pack + FedEx shipping fee (110$) = 309$

please if any one know this company and have also order with them let me know thnx

is this company ok or not ? or have some on order from them from here ?

greetings gerrit