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Thread: Unlocking 2600

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    Unlocking 2600

    Hello there,
    I try to unlock my Nokia 2600, and it all seems to work perfect - I'm able to enter the #1 or #7 key, and the phone says "Mobile not restricted". Now when I try to insert my new SIM, it doesn't work, it says "SIM-Card refused". Now I'm stuck, I feel like I've tried all possibilities. I tried three Unlock-Providers (The one here, one at and UnlockCodes Calculator Program from this page). Each one delivers other #1 and #7-codes. (The one from the Calculator didn't even work). I tried to enter the codes with the old SIM, with the new one and with no SIM inserted (as suggested).

    What am I doing wrong? I hope you can help me! I'll post more infos if you need them ...

    -- Hoazl

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    try search first

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    ok, I've seen that post before but I didn't realize that it has answers

    Now I've tried both suggestions from bcatlock (downloading both programs & enter unlock code, enter security code), nothing works. I don't want to buy extra Hardware (and I think MTBOX or JAFBOX, as suggested by ULockHardenberg, needs external HW?).

    -- Hoazl

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    If you need unlock code you can get the unlock code here It provides unlock code and instructions....

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