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    Question 6288 vibration

    Hi i would like to know if it is possible to increase the intensity of the vibration in the 6288, i have heard of people doing this with various different phones and i would like to do it with mine as i think it would be a fun thing to do. So if anyone knows any way to do this i would like to know. Thanks

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    If your behind the wheel of a 2-ton automobile with tons of people around you in other 2-ton hunks of metal, it should keep you awake, and if you can't stay awake, turn the a/c on HIGH and aim it directly at your face, crank the stereo and drink a redbull.

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    well, I hope that the front right cv joint is tight....ok, this could be a number of things...first, has your car been hit on that side? Second, have you had the tire checked to make sure you do not have a belt seperating? Third, you may just need an alignment. Sounds crazy, but I would have it checked to be sure. Lastly, the reason I asked if it had been hit is because of the frame may be out of line or damaged. Have it checked by a front end specialist. Perferable one with a computerized system.

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