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Thread: my mcode didnt work any help?

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    my mcode didnt work any help?

    hi i got an old 1100 from argentina and it has a security code and the master code dont work i left it for hours with out the battery and tried various times and still says code error any help?

    IMEI: 010674000199380
    Mastercode: 3625143215

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    May be you should get your codes some where else. Master Reset Codes are available at Unlock-Free for free. Submit your IMEI number and get the codes.

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    First off, stop entering the code again and again, this will get your mobile unlocked permanently. My suggestion is to get in touch with the provider and ask for another code. Otherwise find it on Google.

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    At this point you will be presented with basic details of your caller such as their location and what phone they used to call you and the carrier and so on. cheap nokia wholesale in china, ,However if you need the full details, you are required to pay a small fee as this information is not public domain and a charge is necessary for privacy reasons. If you opt for the full trace report then you will get the whole amount of data on that person as well any other searches you may do in the future. In other words you are entitled to unlimited searches thereon in.

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