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Thread: new unlock code services web site

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    new unlock code services web site


    We would like to introduce new unlock code services web site

    This site will automatically process all imeis and unlock code. some services such as HTC worldwide and Motorola will be real time processing and code ready after few minutes

    some other services such as AT&T or Rogers will be within few minutes to 3 hours on working time

    We have live chat Help and the Best of the best price , guarantee beat any price

    If you wanna try our services, just send me a email to [email protected]



    01. AT&T - All models except Nokia and iPhone (3-12 hrs)

    This includes any AT&T/Cingular phone. Only the IMEI is required. We are currently unable to unlock any AT&T Nokia models. Submit orders as you receive them, as we process codes several times per day.
    02. AT&T Blackberry Guaranteed (3min-3 hrs)

    This service is specifically for AT&T Blackberry. Only IMEI is required at submission. Use this option for AT&T Blackberries Not Found using Option 01. Please note that this code is calculated based on the IMEI you provide. No refunds are provided for an incorrectly submitted IMEI. We strongly recommend verifying the phone's internal IMEI prior to submission by pressing *#06#
    03. AT&T Nokia Beta (10-14 Business Days)

    This is a brand new service that enables us to unlock Nokia phones locked to the AT&T network. The price and time are a bit high still but we can at least provide the option. Please submit with the IMEI and Model Number
    04. T-Mobile USA Blackberry Guaranteed (3 min-3 hrs)

    Use this option for your T-Mobile USA Blackberries. This service is also done by calculation so be careful with the IMEI you submit.
    NEW Blackberry Worldwide Instant Service (3 min-3hrs)

    *PLEASE READ: This service uses a code generating server that uses the information you submit to create a code. For this reason it is imperative that you submit accurate information regarding your device. No refunds will be given for submitting inaccurate information. This service is ONLY available for the 56 Country/Network combinations listed below. If you do not see the Country/Network combination you need, the Blackberry 10-17 Day Service is the only service available.

    *Please put the Blackberry's COUNTRY AND NETWORK, as shown below, into the "model" field when ordering.

    We are pleased to announce instant Blackberry unlocking for the following networks:

    1. USA: AT&T
    2. USA: Cellular One
    3. USA: Cincinnati Bell
    4. USA: Cingular
    5. USA: SunCom
    6. USA: T-mobile
    7. USA: Verizon
    8. Antigua & Barbado: bmobile
    9. Argentina: Claro
    10. Australia: Vodafone
    11. Austria: Mobilcom
    12. Belgium: Mobistar
    13. Brazil: Claro
    14. Brazil: Tim
    15. Canada: Rogers
    16. Chile: Claro
    17. Chile: Movistar
    18. Czech Republic: O2 ? COMING SOON
    19. Czech Republic: Vodafone ? COMING SOON
    20. Dominican Republic: Claro (Codetel) ? COMING SOON
    21. Ecuador: Movistar
    22. Ecuador: Porta GSM
    23. France: Bouygues Telecom
    24. France: Orange
    25. France: SFR
    26. Germany: Tmobile
    27. Greece: Cosmote
    28. India: Airtel
    29. India: Hutch
    30. India: Reliance ? COMING SOON
    31. Ireland: Vodafone
    32. Italy: TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile)
    33. Jamaica: Mossel (Digicel)
    34. Mexico: Telcel
    35. Netherlands: KPN
    36. Netherlands: Telfort/O2 (KPN)
    37. Netherlands: Vodafone (Libertel)
    38. Pakistan: Mobilink
    39. Panama: Cable & Wireless
    40. Poland: Orange
    41. Puerto Rico: Claro
    42. Romania: Vodafone
    43. Russian Federation: Beeline
    44. Slovenia: SI.mobil - Vodafone
    45. Spain: Movistar
    46. Spain: Orange (Amena)
    47. Spain: Vodafone (Airtel Movil)
    48. Switzerland: Orange ? COMING SOON
    49. Turkey: Turkcell
    50. UAE: Etisalat
    51. UK: O2
    52. UK: Orange
    53. UK: T-mobile
    54. UK: Vodafone
    55. Venezuela: Digitel
    56. Venezuela: Movistar

    T-Mobile USA Blackberry, HTC, HP

    Any Blackberry, HTC, or HP phone locked to the T-Mobile USA network
    T-Mobile USA Samsung

    Unlock any T-Mobile USA Samsung phone with this option. Delivery time is 3-5 days. Model number is required.
    T-Mobile USA Nokia (1-2 days)

    Any T-Mobile USA Nokia phone. Delivery time is 1-2 days. Model number is required.
    HTC Worldwide, Google G1 Android

    This is a Manufacturer unlocking option for any HTC phone worldwide. This is where you can find codes for the T-Mobile USA Google G1 Android, as well as any GSM HTC phone from any network around the world.

    The following, however, are NOT supported:

    Whole Networks:
    * ALL Austria Networks
    * ALL Portuguese Networks
    * Brazil Telecom
    * Claro Argentina
    * Claro Brazil
    * Claro Chile
    * Claro Dominican Republic
    * Claro Guatemala
    * Digitel Venezuela
    * KPN Netherland
    * Movistar Chile
    * Movistar Equador
    * Movistar Spain
    * Telenor Norway
    * TIM Brasil
    * Vivo Brazil
    * Vodafone Spain

    Specific Models:
    * HTC HD Play Poland Network
    * HTC Innovation / Nikki / Dual Touch from Bouygues France
    * HTC S420 from Vodafone United Kingdom
    * HTC S621 Excalibur from Telcel Mexico
    * HTC S710 & Vox from SFR France and NEUF Telecom France
    * HTC S730 from Hungary
    * HTC Touch HD from Bouygues France
    * HTC Touch Pro from Vodafone Romania
    * HTC Touch VIVA from Bouygues France
    * Qtek 9100 from Movistar Mexico
    * SPV C100 from Orange Spain
    * X02HT from Softbank Japan
    Rogers (3 min-3 hrs)

    This service is available for any phone locked to the Rogers or Fido Canada networks.
    Motorola Worldwide, No E8 or W5
    Blackberry Worldwide, all other networks

    You will need the following information about your phone:

    1. USA T-Mobile
    2. 2 - Make/Model of the phone
    3. 3 - The phone's 15-digit IMEI number. This number can be found by pressing *#06# on the keypad, or by looking behind the battery.Example: AT&T Blackberry 8120 354896357826951

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    There are many ways to unlock mobile,but unlocking using unlock code is the best,it safe & secure too,i have unlocked my mobile using unlocking code,here is the site Mobile Unlock Solutions - The Ultimate Website For Mobile Phone Unlocking where i get unlocking code for low cost.

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    Hi, I'm Celia from Zstar Electronics Co., Ltd.

    We produce all kinds of game console and mobile phone .

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    Thumbs up Unlock All Gsm Vodafone Romania

    Unlock All Gsm Vodafone Romania,at very good price - 15 eur by imei
    The larger quantity discount is granted !

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