The standard NokiX welcome_anim patch has no sound. I have known that there are other scripts that can provide a start-up sound for the phone. However, the volume and tone of sound effects generated with own_play_tone are not suitable to be used as a polite start-up signal.

My idea have been for several years to play the start-up tone using the speaker (ear piece) of the DCT-3 phone instead of the ring tone buzzer. Some of the information and keypad tones are played through the speaker already by default. However, no-one reversed a way to play custom tones through the speaker; thing I asked for four years ago (

Before leaving(?) the NokiX scene, I had to solve this challenge by myself. My target was to play the most-well known start-up tone, the five notes from Nokia's version of "Gran vals". After WinARMing, I ended to the following solution:
  1. Find four unused note codes in the tone playing system that are played using the speaker (--> 0x41...0x44).
  2. Change the frequencies of those codes to match the notes needed for "Gran vals" (patching)
  3. Play the tone as a "warning tone" to ensure that it obeys the relevant setting (normal own_play_tone things)
  4. Play the tone with maximum volume possible because the speaker tones are so silent anyway (patch the parameters of the warning tone "channel" only for the playback of this special tone)
Because of the last item #4, this special "Gran vals" five-note tone cannot be played back directly using the own_play_tone function of NokiX. Instead, use the play_gran_vals and stop_gran_vals exposed by the file gran_vals.rx.

Because these kind of function cannot be used directly, I also modified the welcome_anim to play the tone with the selected welcome animation. It is provided for your convenience in the same package.

Download the version 1.0 of gran_vals integrated with the welcome_anim from this url: