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Thread: Nokia 6630 Flash & Unlock Headache....

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    Nokia 6630 Flash & Unlock Headache....

    Salutations all...

    I was given a faulty nokia 6630 3 days ago. When the phone is powered on with sim inserted, the nokia logo flashes then phone switches off after about 20 secs. If I remove the sim then the phone boots without issue albeit in offline mode.

    I was advised that the firmware needed to be flashed to correct this problem, which I did using phoenix slayer. The phone appeared to flash correctly & phoenix reported such a result. Job done, or so I thought.

    Upon inserting the sim, the phone now powers on, nokia logo flashes (normal) then after around 10 secs the phone reports invalid sim, but again remove the sim and the phone boots fully without issue.

    Now the flash seems to have corrected the original problem of the phone switching off with sim inserted, but in correcting that problem another emerges, so it seems.

    Upon further investigation & much thought I realised that before flashing, the phone had been unlocked & the flashing process may have caused the network lock to become active again. Not having access to Jaf or any other box It was a job for 'dejan BB5 unlocker'.

    Opened 'Dejan', set com9 (checked device manager), read the phone (OK but failed to notice SP lock data status), tried to create log for BB5 calc (reported back 'DONE'), hit BB5 calc & got the message 'No logs found', checked logs folder (c:\Program Files\Dejan\Logs\) & sure enough only file in folder was COM9 .cfg (no log file for BB5 calc) so although unlocker reported file created it had failed the procedure.

    Read the phone a second time (noticed SP lock data corrupted report) so hit WR Backup (reported done), repeated WR Backup procedure 3 more times as instructed by 'Dejan' himself, Read phone to check lock status (again SP lock data corrupted) so repeated procedure using untouched copy of original backup.BB5 file (c:\Program Files\Dejan\backup\) again SP lock data corrupted.

    Is there any way that I can restore the SP lock data as I believe this is what the phone is reporting when booting returns 'invalid sim'?

    Tried to reflash with same firmware but phoenix starts the flash, completes all stages up till Phone Mode change then aborts flashing with the report that Phone Mode change - Failed.

    It has occured to me that the SP lock data was already corrupted before I started working on the phone & that is why it originaly switched off during boot with sim inserted. The 6630 reports Orange Uk network & I am using Orange Uk sim (sim 100% working in 6 test phones).

    I hope someone can assist me with this Issue...

    Many thanx in advance for any replies received (whether helpful or not).

    Peace people...


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    unlocking can be done by flashing,but sometimes leads to crash or deadlock of the mobile.Better go for direct method for unlocking your NOKIA mobile.You can get the unlock codes from the website theunlockspot for a low cost.Give name and model number to recieve code

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