I'm trying to recieve an sms over MBUS from my nokia 3310 phone but i can't get it work.

At this moment i'm able to send an sms from my excel vba application to another cellphone.

But recieving is stil not working.
I found some information about the frame on the wammu website

I also find some information about the Message type but in almost all the information you find this:

MsgType: see List

but the list is not included.

I found the list for a 6110 and a 7110 but i don't know that it works for a 3310

With Fbus i can get everyting on my pcwork but the problem is my PLC device can not have higher baudrate then 9600
so i'm stuck with mbus.

With Fbus when you recieve an sms you can read the sms from the bus. It seems with mbus it doesn't work like that.

Can somebody give me an example program or the MsgType list for a nokia 3310 or maybe a litle support for my problem.