CDMA Workshop [3.8.0] (22-Nov-2011) - CDMA Workshop. CDMA Service Software / ESN and MEID changer, SPC unlocker..

[+] Added new very powerful universal specialized for HTC models methods to change ESN, MEID/pESN. You can even disable using MEID, in order to use MEID-based HTC models in ESN-based networks. This method work on all Windows Mobile and Android HTC models (ex. HTC-6950 (Diamond), XV6975 (Imagio), Evo 4G, Evo 3D, Incredible, Incredible 2, Thunderbolt, etc)

[+] Added new really very powerful "Universal EFSx" method to change ESN, MEID/pESN. You can even disable using MEID, in order to use MEID-based models in ESN-based networks. This method has the same power and universality as older "Universal EFS" method, but intended for newer CDMA devices based on new type of structure of EFS. For example it worked just fine for Sierra Wireless modems (ex. Sierra 598U, etc), Pantech modems (ex. Pantech UM175, UM185, UMW190, UML290, etc), wide range of different Samsung models, M, U, I-series (ex. Samsung SPH-M800, M810, M820, M900, M910, U820, D700 Galaxy S Epic 4G, D710 Galaxy S2, D720 Nexus S, P100 Galaxy Tab, etc) and much more

[+] Added new very powerful "Universal EFSx" method to do full Rebuild (network settings, PRL, A-key, serial and security numbers, etc). This method has the same power and universality as "Universal EFSx" method described above and will work for the same models (especially Samsung models, Pantech modems). Find some important notes, about this method, in Help file

[+] Added new pages with settings to read/write ("Main" tab): IPv6, RmNet, IWLAN, eHRPD

[+] Added ability to work with newest Mobile IPv6 profiles (in the same manner as with regular Mobile IP profiles). See "EVDO" tab

[+] Added ability to work with newest voice codecs: EVRC-B, WB, NW. Added new fields to read/write: Roaming messages, Directory number in PCS format, Warranty code, FSC, OTKSL, OTKSL uses. Added ability to work with Class 0/1 formats of phone number and True IMSI. See "Main" tab

[+] Added ability to choose active/inactive pages on "Main" tab (see checkboxes inside "Pages" combobox). You can just deactivate unnecessary or rarely used by you pages with settings. "Read/Write current page only" options are still working for deactivated pages

[+] Improved a lot "Monitor" tab. Added new monitors (pages): EVDO, AMPS, GSM, WCDMA. Added ability to copy any monitored value to Clipboard (via right mouse click pop-up menu). Added "Auto" switch, which enables/disables auto starting monitor once you choose or leave "Monitor" tab

[+] Improved "Ports searcher". Added ability to refresh ports list (double click the line with names of columns (Port, Friendly name, State))

[+] Improved "Favorites lists" system. If you hold CTRL button when choosing any file in the list, then the file will be opened in associated software (ex. Notepad for .txt files). So you can fast access to your favorite files if you want to, for example, edit them.

[+] Improved "Universal RAM" method - "CAVE" section. Added ability to search user given A-key, SSD_A, SSD_B

[+] Added AT-commands script "get RSSI level", to get current signal strength

[+] Added new presets to "nv_skip_list.txt" file: Samsung SCH-U820, Pantech UM175 (Verizon), Sierra 598U (Sprint)

[+] Added new 16-digit passwords for Samsung U820, Nokia 2705 (change MEID/pESN, read SPC, A-key)

[+] Added new memory preset to read SPC for Motorola W445 (Verizon)

[+] Added back five NAM profiles to the lists (find some useful info, about using higher NAM numbers, in Help file)

[!] CTRL-O hotkey (call Options) has been changed to ALT-T (which is more convenient)

[+] Slightly updated built-in "Model ID" data-base with new signatures

[+] Help file has been greatly updated. Check it

[+] Misc improvements

[!] Fixed bug (freezing) when working with some of bugy Motorola COM ports

[!] Fixed bug in "Ports searcher". It did not show one of the different COM ports, but which have the same port number. It happen sometimes in Windows

[!] Fixed all bugs and defects found since version 3.7.5
[*] More great news are coming shortly