has anyone ever thought of making rhythmic back light alert on all nokia cell phones? i've seen this happen by adding some sort of a chip (i'm not sure of what kind) to the cell phone and the back light will blink just as on nokia 3350. but the thing is, after we add the chip, we don't get a menu to activate or deactivate it like on 3350.

and i was wondering, has anyone noticed that when we upgrade our 3330 to 3350 it has the full functions of 3350 including the Rhythmic back light alert, since this feature doesn't exist in 3330 so i'm sure that this feature is a part of the program stored in the ppm section.

if i'm right then we should be able to add this menu to any nokia phones which has adequate free space in the ppm section. but what do we use to create this menu? g3n0lite perhaps? but how do we do this, how do we add this menu using g3n0lite? i read in the old threads that this is possible. i've used g3n0lite to alter my cell phone's menu structure so it is easier to use, and it works! so i know this can happen.

can anyone offer a solution for this? g3n0lite 2.0 perhaps??? or maybe a tutorial on how to extract or create menus???