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Thread: Need help pleaseee

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    Need help pleaseee

    My sister gave me her nokia 6288.... but i want to sim free it so i can use it with my own sim from another phone-company....
    Does som1 got a BB5 unlocker? [that you dont need to buy anything...]
    i mean that ill be able to do it alone, on my PC..... i have the USB cable....
    can pleaseeee som1 help me??

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    Gizmo1122 is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2007
    please anybody... i really want to use the 6288.... i have a 3220 and im really exited from having a new one.... so please help me

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    same here, anyone have a solution for unlocking the 6288? or is it unlockable?

    Thanks ina dvance..

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