Start Screen of Lumia 1520

The Nokia Lumia 1520 (and also the Lumia 1320) can be a different kind of animal to the other Lumia mobile phones.

When I described after i gave my first impressions from the phone, the rise in size changes how you utilize it. You will not purchase a Lumia 1520 only for texting your pals or contacting your mother (although it can, obviously, do both individuals things). But a significantly more compact, simpler device would suffice if individuals were your focal points.

No. The Lumia 1520 was created to create content shine in wealthy applications.

To ensure that helps you to explain the variations between your Start screen on my small Lumia 1520 and also the Start screen around the Lumia 920 I wrote about last year.

Start Screens: Old vs New

Start Screens: Old versus New

Where phone-based communications required center stage around the Lumia 920, around the Lumia 1520, there is a much wider and more potent group of applications.

With room for 15 medium-sized tiles around the opening screen, there’s you don’t need to restrict yourself by any means. You are able to fit everything you’re prone to do regularly along with a couple of more which are simply ‘nice-to-have’.

For individuals individuals wondering why I’ve selected gray as my theme color, that might appear as an uninteresting choice – it’s since it looks great against whitened phones – some advice I acquired from Nokia UX design chief Nicki Barton.

Just to choose a couple of that actually shine. My weather application of preference remains Weather Flow by Gergely Orosz (who we’ve interviewed before). I really like the graphical type of Home windows Phone, but getting a couple of Live Tiles which use wealthy imagery really causes it to be shine due to the contrast.

The Kindle application means its not necessary another e-readers any longer around the 1520. How big the screen and wide selection of presentation styles means you are able to easily read your books at arm’s length, without needing to flick forward every five seconds. I can’t get enough news, and thus Zite and Paper Boy would be the applications I use most frequently when I’ve got a minute to spare.

I’m also likely to on-site visit Quick Timer by Pavel Kaufman like a new must-have – you’ll notice I’ve trained with a medium-sized tile, despite the fact that it doesn’t display any content. Maybe it’s symptomatic of contemporary existence, however i need sensors each time I personally use the oven, which application has literally saved my sausage on the couple of occasions!

Because you virtually have to make use of two hands to function the Lumia 1520 has additionally influenced design of my screen. Putting key applications towards the top of the screen no more makes a lot sense, since it’s an extended stretch hitting them. Rather, the caller, email and SMS tiles sit in the center of the best-hands side from the screen. In a pinch, I’m able to even open them one-handed with my thumb there.

Are you currently utilizing a Lumia 1520 or Lumia 1320? How perhaps you have arranged your screen?

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