View Full Version : p800 or 3650 plzz help

22-03-2003, 03:38 PM
hye guys ,
i have a few questions about the 3650 and p800 they are
1) i know it can do voice recording but how much .. guys give me the exact time for eg. if i have 16 mb card than how much... in minutes. for both 3650 and p800

2) how much amount of video can be put on a 16mb card i mean realplayer format (decent qaulity) in minutes plzz. well is there anyway i can watch divx movies on 3650 or p800 .. plzzz let me know

3) what is the resolution of the camera i mean i heard it s a 1.3 megapixel camera i am right or wrong if worn tell em the actuall resolution.. well can i use it for taking pictures i mean good quality... which we can see on the pc and wont look bad...

4) well can i watch the attachments like word, powerpoint excel etc.. plzz tell me its very important. and is it possible to edit them

5) well can anyone tell me the difference between the 3650 and p800 in EVERY ASPECT and what do they suugest to buy and why???? (MOST IMP. QUESTION).

6) are the games and applications good like the p800 better or worse let me know for the 3650

7) if there is anything u guys wanna add (extra informationd about the mobile) i would really like it .... any ways thanks to everyone who helps me out with these few questions...