View Full Version : 8210 problem with gsm1800 and battery

24-05-2002, 03:01 PM
Hi all
I`m having some problem with my 8210.

It works fine in some areas but when it switches to say ch:532
wich is at the gsm1800 band. It looses contact and peep peep peep. i think it is the transmitter because i can hear the person in the other end but not vise versa.

I have opened the phone and removed the metal covers on antenna switch, PA, and to other rf compounents.

It looks ok.

I have also upgraded to the newest soft with dejan flasher.
Just changed the leds to blue ones and now i can see that the leds are fading every second witch means that there is some compounent using to much power...

Any idea wich one?

There has been some water damage on the MAD and CHAPS.
But I think the problem is somwhere else

The battery last only one day, and the current is ok when the phone is off ore no net (no sim).

Best regards