View Full Version : Problem After Upgrade Help Me

03-07-2003, 10:49 AM
Hello i'm italian and i need your help
I've a GD87 with A51 vodafone software.

I don't like vodafone main menu icons, so I've upgrade (or downgrade) to A39 using Winmodo 0.11 and CB2000 1.343

All seems ok: the firmware and language download is complete succesfully!

than i open CB2000 and it work well... I press Function clear and i can see on my GD87 display "MMI DEFAULT PASSED"

so i power off and restart...but ...

there is the vodafone start animation and all the icons yet
everithing is just like before the upgrade... WHY???

I've tried to do *#9999# and I can see the GAD87A39 installed (before was GAD87A51)

so what can i have to do to have panasonic original main manu icons?

Sorry for my english and please please please HELP ME!

04-07-2003, 12:39 AM
u can try to flash A21 file...as I remember (I might be wrong) ...the menu has changed..

by the way, I wonder why u have to downgrade a A51 GD87 to A39 GD87 for just a menu icon..

to be honest, it's quite suprised for me to hear that u did the flashing just because u want to change the menu layout..as u might result in killing your phone in the flashing process...

and I think you should do the function clear with CB2000 since the function memory for GD87 A51 is different from GD87 A39....

u didn't do this step..u might have a problem in setting up WAP with connection failed ....

anyway, becareful .....my only adivice