View Full Version : Z5/Z18 Service Software (Loader for GL1) error!

06-09-2002, 02:09 AM

When i try Z5/Z18 Service Software (Loader for GL1) I get this error:

5 second
Load Failed
DownLoad Failed
Protocol Error
Block 045C.
Block 045B.
Block 045A.
Block 0440.
start 0440 end 045E
Loading SRE file.
Send Start.
Baudrate OK.
Baudrate changing.
Passwd OK.
Sending Password.
Power on Mobile.
Start RAM loading
Down Mode 33

Apparently this is logged upside down but anyway, it doesn't work... could this be because of the... .SRE file or something or is there any physical damage with my phone?

Any sugestions will be gratefull.