View Full Version : Diamant Pack WITH REAL XP SKIN!!!

30-03-2004, 12:41 AM
The Diamant pack is THE BIGGEST and THE LARGEST pack on the web today!
In this pack there is 18 stuff inserted in it! You have 5 Tracker skin, 9 UIQ 2.1. themes, more than 50 background pictures, XP icons, XP original sounds and more...

The XP skin have more than 122 pages and more than 200 buttons! Everything you se you can press in it...

Would you like to see how the Diamant pack looks like?

Press here:::


On this site is THE WHOLE Diamant pack review. There you will see all the pictures and whole pack. You can read what is in pack and how all of that really function.
you can download it directly here:

Diamant pack (https://www.handango.com/AdminProductDetailView.jsp?siteId=1&jid=655C6XX3737XF4XF16E6F698C62ED11B&productId=117138&platformId=1&productType=2)

For all questions you can ask here:

Press here to get answers (http://www.piranaforum.com/pf/viewtopic.php?p=9322#9322)


what to say more? The review talks the most of all, look at the review, you'll get the picture about it... ;)

Enjoy in my skins and themes... :wink: